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Do you yearn for cosiness, warmth and security? With our cast iron stoves, it is simple. Why not have one in the bedroom or the living room? Click on a stove you like for more facts.

  • Oden 6300 Radiation

    Oden 6300 Radiation

    The stove rests firmly on its four legs and is equipped with a large glass door for maximum visibility in the fireplace. Here, the heat radiates out of the fireplace and provides a pleasant heating throughout the room. Environmentally approved and CE marked.
    Art. nr: 106300001
  • Oden 6300 Convection

    Oden 6300 Convection

    A wood-fired cast iron stove is both an inexpensive and environmentally friendly way to get heat. If you dress the stove with convection sides, the heat passes in an air gap between the cast iron and the convection side. On the surface, the stove does not feel as burning heat, but the convection sides create warm air currents which then circulate throughout the room. Environmentally approved and CE marked
    Art. nr: 106300002
  • Royal Viking - Gjutjärnskamin

    Royal Viking

    The Royal Viking is a 150-year-old model that has been brought back to life. Behind the beautiful outer shell hides a world class design with modern technology. Environmentally approved with CE marking.
    Art. nr: 101850002
  • Oden 6300 Soapstone

    Oden 6300 Soapstone – Grey

    A soapstone stove is energy efficient and can in some cases replace or supplement other heat sources in the home. The stove's casing of soapstone stores heat for up to twelve hours and at the same time keeps the moisture at a distance. Environmentally approved and CE marked.
    Art. nr: 106300003