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Are you looking for a cast iron kitchen stove in classical style for walling in,  narrow wood stoves or a freestanding range in retro style? You can find all of our wood burning ranges here. Click on a picture for facts and comparison.

The story of a survivor

There have been very few periods in our era which have seen such dramatic developments as the last 150 years. The list of technical and scientific achievements is long. But only a few have survived into the present day, without ending up in a rubbish tip or a museum. One of them is the wood fired cast-iron stove, which has revolutionised our whole rela-tionship to cooking, comfort, and heating.

We’re immensely proud to still be able to offer Swedish-made cast-iron stoves today. THE SMÅLAND STOVE – based on a model from 1896. IDUN No 1 – in a 1930’s design. VIKING 30 & JD 320 – two timeless narrow stoves which are easy to integrate into both old and new kitchens.

Our latest additions, JD 27 & JD 227, are modern wood stoves with inspiration from both the 1920’s and 1950’s. Why change something that works just as well today as it did 150 years ago? And better than a lot of modern gadgets that need electricity, chips. and connectivity. A wood stove fits just as well in an up-to-date newly-built house as it does in a traditional home.

Our ambition is to always meet the tough environmental and safety laws of today. We’re most satisfied when we managed to exceed them. We intend to ensure that our cast-iron stoves are working just as well for another 150 years. At least.