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Fancy a wood stove? Explore which model is suitable for you!

By October 14, 2019Inspiration and guides
what wood stove suits you

So, you’ve come to the conclusion that a wood stove would complete your home – great! There are a variety of options to consider in order to pick the right one. It’s not the easiest of decisions. We have put together some helpful guidance to find the right model for you.

Trends come and go – even when it comes to wood burning stoves. Wood stoves dominated the Swedish home well into the 20th century. They were often beautifully decorated with pictures and ornate details. From the 1930s onwards, however, sleeker designs grew in popularity and many stoves were covered in enamel. A little later came the sheet metal stoves which became very popular.

Brochures from the early part of the 20th century often featured up to 30 different models of wood stoves. The choices were endless. Any width – 70, 72 or 76 cm – nothing was a problem!

With the event of electricity, gas and central heating, however, the production of woodburners slowed down, and, nowadays, while supply is more limited, it is also more refined. Modern stoves are based on a limited number of standard dimensions, as not that many alternatives are really needed. The most important consideration is the form and design of the stove, is it not?

what wood stove suits you
Which design are you looking for?

Do you prefer your kitchen in a certain style? Or do you like to mix decor and gadgets from different eras? Nowadays there are all kinds of models – a newly produced woodburner, using modern combustion technologies, can be made to look like a stove from the 1920s and there are also stoves that match modern appliances and kitchens. Prefer a smaller model? Would you like it on the floor? Should it be made entirely of cast iron or have certain sheet metal detailing? The questions are many and the possibilities endless – well, almost.

If you are mainly looking for a practical stove, then a narrow wood stove without an oven could be suitable. These are often made to the same height as modern kitchen worktops and slot incredibly well into more modern kitchens. These wood stoves don’t take up much space and also have a much larger wood compartment than other models, making them efficient heaters. Or, if you have a large kitchen, a larger model could be more suitable.

What does your living space and floor plan look like?

You need to know the size of your living space in order to know how much energy is needed to heat your home. Different stoves and woodburners have varying capacities, so it’s a good idea to know what output you need. If you are unsure, please consult with the manufacturer. They will be able to advise which model would best suit your needs, according to the size of your kitchen. An average output of, for example, 4kW would be able to heat up to 60-70 square meters depending on how open plan the space is. The stove’s output often exceeds the requirements of the room.

The output is therefore measured in how much wood can be loaded simultaneously – a larger stove thus has a much greater output than a smaller one. A stove also works best when used at the maximum power level. If it gets too hot you may attempt to use its power more sparingly, but that also leads to a reduced fuel economy. For example, an oversized stove with too high an output can become too hot if the kitchen is too small.

Do also consider whether you want a stove, which heats up quickly, or one that maintains its residual heat for longer. A sheet metal wood stove warms up quickly, but also cools down faster. A cast iron wood stove takes longer to heat but maintains its residual heat output for longer and delivers a more even temperature in the oven.

what wood stove suits youRequire any additional features?

In the olden days, we didn’t have the types of glass ceramics which we have today and which actually can withstand the heat that a woodburner generates. Due to recent positive developments, there is now whole host of options featuring glass, which allow us to watch our fire crackling away. If this is something that takes your fancy, it should of course be considered when choosing a model.

Another important consideration is whether you need an oven. For example, narrow stoves do not usually include an oven as they are designed to fit into smaller spaces, so if you prefer to start your day baking homemade bread, it would be a good idea to look into alternative models.

The three categories of wood stoves from Josef Davidssons

what wood stove suits youThe Narrow Stove 

The narrow stove has become very popular in recent years as they slot neatly into small kitchens! Many of us don’t have the same amount of space in our kitchens as we had 50-80 years ago. The narrow stove doesn’t feature an oven, but provides a valuable heat source and cooking facilities.
Check out the models: Viking 30 and JD 320. 

what wood stove suits youThe Cast Iron Stove 

Traditional cast iron wood stoves with or without decoration.
Check out the models: JD 27, JD 227, Småland Stove 1896, Idun No 1 and Småland Stove 28.

what wood stove suits youThe Modern Stove 

A powerful wood stove with a more contemporary design for those who wish to fit a wood stove into a modern home.
Check out the models: Viking 40, Viking 60 and Viking 75. Note that these stoves is only available in Sweden.