Fireplaces are part of our history

The feeling of living fire has fascinated us for thousands of years and continues to do so. Fire is actually something that makes us who we are and maybe it’s no coincidence that today’s woodpecker carries this legacy on. Humans are the only creature on the planet to control the immense power of fire.

The fireplace in the modern home

The wood burning stove has an important place in our modern age, which is otherwise characterized by completely different things. A crackling and warm wood stove adds not only extra spice to your home, but the wood burning stove also spreads peace and harmony. With the fireplaces from Josef Davidssons, you can see the fire as most of the stoves have generous windows. Our fireplaces also have a high efficiency which means that your wood burning stove in addition to well-being also spreads heat in your home. For even more efficient heating, choose a fan for your wood burning stove.

Wood burning stove, a rescuer in need

The wood burning stove does not only provide food on the table but also spreads heat without power. Our more traditional wood burning stoves Smålandsspisen 1896, Smålandsspisen 28, Idun No 1 and Viking 30 have a durable and robust construction that provides a safe and cozy heat source for many years to come. Viking 40, Viking 60 and Viking 75 are included in our latest assortment of Austrian quality pastries, which are today’s modern wood burning stoves. Where the myth factor is valued as high as quality, design and function. It is with pride that we at Josef Davidssons takes the wood burning stove with us into the future and carries it into the next generation.