A Survivor

Few periods in our era have shown such remarkable developments as the last 150 years. The list of technical and scientific conquests is long. Nevertheless, only a few have survived to this day without ending up on the rubbish heap or in a museum. One of these advances is the wood burning, cast iron kitchen range which was to revolutionise our whole relationship with cooking, security and heating.

Today, we are extremely proud that we are still able to offer Swedish manufactured cast iron ranges. Why change something that works just as well today as it did 150 years ago? Moreover, better than many modern gadgets that need electricity, chips and connecting, a wood burning kitchen range looks just as good in a newly built house in the latest style as in a traditional home.

You are always warmly welcome to visit us here in Reftele, or at one of our dealers.

Mikael and Markus,
Josef Davidssons Eftr.

Once Upon a Time…

…a salesman came by train to Reftele. When he stepped off the train, he saw a small man huddling in the shadow of the station. ‘You there! Carry my bags to the hotel and I’ll pay you,” shouted the traveller. The little man stepped out into the warmth of the sun. Without saying a word he took hold of all of the bags and set off. With a pleased smile on his lips, the salesman followed after.

When both men arrived at the Reftele Hotel and the small man had carried the bags up to the room, a few coins were dropped in his hand. Politely, the small man raised his bowler hat, gave a slight bow despite the insignificant value of the coins, and went on his way. The salesman ate his dinner, rested and smoked a cigar. Replete and pleased with himself, he set off to do business with shopkeeper Davidsson.

“I am looking for shopkeeper Josef Davidsson,” said the salesman with an authoritative voice as he strode into the large store.
“He is sitting in the office,” replied a shop assistant and pointed at a glass door.

The salesman went forwards and knocked.
“Come in!” The self-opinionated fool opened the door and saw sitting behind the desk the same small man who had earlier carried his bags.

Josef Davidsson