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New wood-burning stoves with a touch of nostalgia

By January 16, 2019February 16th, 2022News
new wood-burning stoves

We have a lot of new products at Josef Davidssons that will brighten up any nook or corner in the home. Take a look at our new wood-burning stoves, JD 27 and JD 227!


Our new wood-burning stoves, JD27 & JD227, have a complete griddle for maximum tightness and function. JD 227 is a stylish stove, inspired by 1950’s stoves without ornamentation. The oven door on this stove opens downwards like the older stoves of its generation.

JD 27 is inspired by models from the 1920’s with ornamentation. This is a high quality stove with doors that open and close smoothly with a feather lock.

These wood-burning stoves have a glass fireplace door that gives a glimpse of the wonderful glow of the fire. The griddle also comes in ceramic glass. They have a large baking oven with a ceiling clad with a 15 mm soapstone slab for a more even oven temperature and longer heat retention. Put a soapstone kit into the oven and it will spread heat throughout the house all through the night!

And they also have a chimney connection behind or above and are, of course, CE marked to satisfy current environmental standards.

Inside the door, you’ll find the latest in combustion technology and with a new glass door and griddle, the stoves are suitable for installation in every type of kitchen or holiday home

new wood-burning stoves

The frame is cast in Denmark and all the steel details are manufactured locally and assembled by hand in Reftele, Småland. The new hotplate has been developed to give even more effective heat absorption and tighter heating. You’ll also find an easy-to-use knob for regulating outdoor air. The design has been refined and there are now no visible screws in the upper part.


This grill pan is specially made for the JD 27 & JD 227. It can be used on the hob and also directly on the fire.

Add to the exclusive feeling in your home with porcelain handles. Porcelain doesn’t heat up when the fire is on and it also looks beautiful! Suitable for the JD 227.

With compact wood-burning stoves, you don’t need to live in a castle in order to enjoy a crackling fire. We have leg frames for sale for use with these wood-burners, a practical solution for small spaces!

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