Viking 40 – Narrow wood stove in steel – Anthracite


Slim wood-burning stove in enamelled galvanized steel. The wood stove has a large hearth and no baking oven, which makes it very easy to install. Available in white or anthracite grey. Approved for Eco Design.

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  • Power 6 kW
  • Choose between two different colours

Installation manual – Viking 40
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EU Declaration of Conformity– Viking 40

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Viking 40 Anthracite – wood stove with quality, design, and function

Wood has long been used as a heating source and it is not difficult to understand why the classic wood stove has become so popular again. It provides a pleasant and comfortable warmth. In addition, the stove itself is aesthetically pleasing and it can be used for cooking. Here we would like to present Viking 40, which together with Viking 60 and Viking 75 is part of Josef Davidssons’ new range of quality stoves made of galvanized steel.

A wood stove for both traditional and modern kitchens

The kitchen often serves as the family’s gathering point. Here people meet to cook, eat, read the newspaper, do homework, have discussions, and hang out. Viking 40 is a wood-burning stove that creates a high comfort and cosiness factor in the kitchen. It has a stylish design that fits just as well in a modern kitchen as in a more classic kitchen. The stove is available in two colours: white or anthracite grey.

Environmentally approved narrow stove 40 cm with efficient combustion technology

The reason that the wood-burning stove is named Viking 40 is because it is a stove that is 40 centimetres wide. If you complete the stove with 5.5- or 10-centimetre-wide convection sides, it is approved for integration directly with combustible material. This means that the wood-burning stove can easily fit, even in a smaller kitchen. The standard height is 85 centimetres. The wood-burning stove has an efficient and environmentally friendly combustion technology, where the wood’s energy is used to the maximum and provides an even heat development. It can be connected to the flue from the side or the back.

In addition to serving as a wonderful heat source, Viking 40 can also be used for cooking. The wood stove is delivered with a durable lacquered steel hob on top of a cast iron hob frame and the whole hob functions as a hot plate. If you want a more modern feel, a glass ceramic hob is available as an option.

Order Viking 40 and get a wood-burning stove that:

  • is environmentally approved with the latest combustion technology
  • has a stylish design that fits in both modern and traditional kitchens
  • works as an excellent complement to electric or gas-powered stoves
  • simply makes your kitchen a cosier place.
Power (kW) 3-8
Fire place depth (mm) 300
Flue pipe dimension Ø (mm) 120
Weight (kg) 85
Height (mm) 850-900
Depth (mm) 600
Width (mm) 400
Log length (cm) 33