Viking 60 – Wood stove in steel – Anthracite


Medium-sized wood-burning stove in enamelled galvanized steel with high effect and a baking oven. Available in both white and anthracite grey. Environmentally approved and CE marked.

  • Timeless design and high quality
  • Efficient baking oven
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Viking 60 Anthracite – a safe reliable retainer in the home

Josef Davidssons has developed a completely new range of quality stoves in galvanized steel: Viking 40, Viking 60 and Viking 75. The numbers simply describe the width of the stoves. Viking 40 is a so-called narrow stove that fits perfectly in a small kitchen. Viking 75 is a larger model of stove with a large hearth and an extra spacious oven. Viking 60 is the intermediate variant in the series. Please feel free to read more about Viking 60 – a wood stove that spreads cosiness and warmth and can be used for both cooking and baking.

Stylish wood stove with baking oven and hob

If you choose Viking 60, you get a high-quality wood stove that combines good design with high function. The 60-centimetre-wide stove can be supplemented with 5.5- or 10-centimetre-wide convection sides and is then approved for integration directly with combustible material. The standard height is 85 centimetres, but if you want to place the wood stove next to 90-centimetre-high bench cupboards, an extension kit can be ordered.

Viking 60 is available in either a white model or in anthracite grey. The stylish design of the stove can easily be matched with different interior styles. Therefore, Viking 60 fits just as well in a rustic and charming kitchen in a turn-of-the-century house as in a newly renovated or newly built villa with a stripped-down and modern interior.

The wood stove’s hearth provides great opportunities for pleasant cooking. It is delivered with a durable steel hob on a cast iron hob frame where the entire hob functions as a hot plate. The loose hot plate can also provide space for a wok. If you want a more modern look to the wood stove, a glass ceramic hob is available as an option. In the spacious oven with a soapstone top, there are innumerable possibilities for baking wonderful breads and cakes.

Environmentally friendly and efficient heat source

A new wood stove like the Viking 60, has an energy-efficient construction with a very good combustion ability that provides an even heat generation with less emissions. In this way the stove becomes more environmentally friendly. With its high efficiency, you simply use less wood to get the same amount of heat as from a stove with a lower efficiency.

With the help of an automatic supply air damper, both the primary and the secondary air supply are regulated for an even temperature and a long burning time. The care of the stove is as simple as it is superb, with a soot hatch, firewood box and ash box with lid easily accessible on the front of the stove. It can be connected to the flue at the back, top or side. The smoke outlet is also adapted for easy replacement with, for example, Husqvarna’s models 3026 and 3027.

Technical data

Heating surface ca. (m2) 60-80
Power (kW) 3-7
Flue pipe dimension Ø (mm) 120
Weight (kg) 120
Height (mm) 850 alt. 900
Width (mm) 600
Oven dimensions (mm) 260x270x410
Log length (cm) 45