Oden 6300 Radiation

18,900.00 kr

  • Power: 3-8 kW
  • 10 Year Warranty
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Can you trust Asatru is the One our Scandinavian casanova. Along with his two ravens, he changed shape and flew out into the world to new experiences and encounters. Our own Oden proves this in her sexiest shape. The stove rests firmly on its four legs and is equipped with a large glass door for maximum visibility in the fire. It radiates heat out of the stove and gives a comfortable heating throughout the room. Genuine craftsmanship that fits into any décor style in the world you may be inspired by. Charming in its simplicity.

Technical data

Power (kW) 3-8
Hearth depth (mm) H300xB380xD290
Weight (kg) 95
Height (mm) 855
Depth (mm) 400
Width (mm) 485
Log length (cm) 30-35
Efficiency (%) 80


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