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Oden 6300 Soapstone grey

Oden 6300 Täljsten naturell
Oden 6300 Täljsten naturell

Oden 6300 Soapstone grey

  • Power: 3-8 kW
  • 10 Year Warranty

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Odin is also available with soapstone in the beautiful pattern Sky. Soapstone outstanding ability to store heat can cause both intense, even and comfortable heat long after the heat. You determine the effect depending on how hard you burn. Soapstone is available in two different colors, light gray or matt black. Timeless design and function that makes Oden to an obvious place to hang around.

Technical data

Power (kW) 3-8
Hearth depth (mm) H300xB380xD290
Flue pipe dimension Ø (mm) 125
Weight (kg) 240 (95kg gjutjärn, 145kg täljsten)
Height (mm) 915
Depth (mm) 420
Width (mm) 615
Cooling time 6-8
Log length (cm) 30-35
Efficiency (%) 80

Mattskiss taljsten Oden6300