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Idun No 1

Idun No1 B med ringarIdun No1 B med ringarIdun No1 B med ringarIdun No1 B med ringarCE

Idun No 1


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We are still manufacturing the best-selling wood burning kitchen range of the 1930s. The hearth door now has an extra thick casting, with door protection on the inside, and the upper hob is twice as thick as the original. The oven top is clad with a 15 mm soapstone slab. If the oven is filled with a soapstone kit, it retains the heat all night long. The range is available with ground hot plates or ring kits. The chimney can be connected at the rear or at the top. The range is accompanied by stove hook, soot rake, ash box, stove black, heat-proof mortar, thermometer as well as a smooth baking tray. For rear connection, a chimney collar and flue connection are also included.

Technical data

Heating surface ca. (m2) 30-60
Power (kW) 4.5
Flue pipe dimension Ø (mm) 175×75
Weight (kg) 110
Height (mm) 325
Depth (mm) 525
Width (mm) 590
Oven dimensions (mm) 160
Hot plate 1 Ø (mm) 270
Hot plate 2 Ø (mm) 220
Hot plate 3 Ø (mm) 168
Distance upper edge hob to centre flue pipe (mm) 253
Distance from right side to centre flue pipe (mm) 210
Distance from left side to centre flue pipe (mm) 270
Distance from back edge to centre flue pipe (mm) 60
Efficiency (%) >82%


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Warming oven door complete 101920710 2750 kr
Warming oven doors complete Idun 101930710 2250 kr
Ovalring med glas Ovalring med glas 990000225 2050 kr
Soapstone kit Idun No: 1 990000702 1600 kr
Soapstone oven top No: 27, 2.5 kg 990000710 375 kr
Outdoor air connection ø51 Suitable for Idun No: 1 990000930 575 kr