Josef Davidssons 320

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Josef Davidssons 320

Timeless design with glazed replace hatch and tight exterior dimensions make Josef Davidssons 320 an attraction in both new and older kitchens. Only 5 cm lightweight concrete is required as a rewall on either side. Modern replace where the fuel is burnt through the supply of secondary air via holes in the vermeculite walls, for maximum ef ciency. The convection system will ventilate the stove while heating the room air. For newly built houses or in mechanical ventilation the stove is prepared for outdoor air connection. Handle made of oak. Chimney connection at the rear or top.

Technical data

Heating surface. (m2) 30-70
Power (kW) 6
Flue pipe dimension Ø (mm) 125
Weight (kg) 150
Height (mm) 850-900
Depth (mm) 600
Width (mm) 300
External air conn. Ø (mm) 65
Measurements Viking 30 and JD 320