The Smålandsspisen 1896 (Old Sweden)

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The first range we manufactured ourselves is based on a model from 1896 and is today made from reinforced castings. The large baking oven’s top is clad with a 15 mm soapstone slab to give a more uniform oven temperature and longer heat retention. If the oven is filled with a soapstone kit, it retains the heat all night long. The range can also be supplemented with heating flanges to spread the heat in the room faster. The chimney can be connected at the rear or at the top. The range is accompanied by stove hook, soot rake, ash box, stove black, heat-proof mortar, thermometer and two smooth baking trays. For rear connection, a chimney collar and flue connection are also included.

Technical data

Heating surface ca. (m2) 30-70
Power (kW) 6
Flue pipe dimension Ø (mm) 190×75
Weight (kg) 170
Height (mm) 360
Depth (mm) 600
Width (mm) 615
Oven dimensions (mm) 215
Hot plate 1 Ø (mm) 220
Hot plate 2 Ø (mm) 220
Hot plate 3 Ø (mm) 165
Distance upper edge hob to centre flue pipe (mm) 275
Distance from right side to centre flue pipe (mm) 235
Distance from left side to centre flue pipe (mm) 315
Distance from back edge to centre flue pipe (mm) 65
Efficiency (%) >82%