Royal Viking – the king of Swedish cast iron wood-burning stoves

We like to say that our beautiful Royal Viking is the king of Swedish cast iron wood-burning stoves. It is a stove that fits in every home – regardless of style. Royal Viking is a new production of a 150-year-old model and has a classic and traditional look. The stately ornamented outer mantle of cast iron is entirely intact with the original design from the 1800s. But inside, the wood stove hides the latest technology.

The king of our cast iron wood-burning stoves

Are you browsing through different cast iron wood stoves for the perfect mood enhancer for your home? Royal Viking enhances the cozy factor in any home. In this wood stove, you have a warm, reliable, loyal, and beautiful friend. A wood stove that will be the crown jewel of your home – the heart of the house. Royal Viking is genuinely the wood stove that enhances the cozy factor.

No matter what interior style you have at home, this wood stove will elevate your home. If you have a modern Scandinavian minimalist interior, Royal Viking creates a striking contrast in the decor. This stove blends in perfectly if you have an interior that leans more traditional.


Royal Viking spreads warmth

Royal Viking spreads warmth not only by being part of the home decor but also through its construction. This wood stove has an 80% high efficiency and a large heat-emitting surface. The wood stove has an extra-long flue gas path, which means that a large part of the heat is recovered from the flue gas.

The heat is released partly as radiant heat and partly by allowing air to circulate between the walls of the wood stove and flow out. Cast iron has good heat storage capacity, meaning the wood stove emits long after heat. Royal Viking has air-washed glass surfaces that prevent soot from accumulating on the glass and give you the view of the fire you want. We recommend always having an external damper on the first smoke pipe to regulate the draft as needed. Of course, the stove is both environmentally approved and CE-marked.

The stove from the 1800s

The 1800s was the century of new styles. Around the middle of the century, neoclassicism and romanticism lived side by side and inspired new forms. At the same time, industrialism made its entrance. During this creative time, when craftsmanship was at its peak, Royal Viking was created, which became the “king of Swedish cast iron wood stoves”.

You can read more about the wood-burning stove here.

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