About Josef Davidssons

Welcome to Josef Davidssons - a company with 140 years of craftsmanship tradition.

For generations, we have been building wood-burning stoves and cast iron cookers for people who appreciate warmth, tradition, and innovation. Our stoves are handcrafted in our factory in Reftele, Småland, and will deliver heat and community for generations to come.

We care about craftsmanship, innovation, and our customers.

Our offering can be summarized in three concepts: skilled, familiar, and generous.


We take pride in our craftsmanship and our knowledge of wood-burning cast iron stoves, which we constantly develop in a sustainable way with curiosity, forward-thinking, and a lot of drive.


By keeping ourselves personal and familiar with our employees and customers, we create lasting connections. We are happy that our stoves and fireplaces bring joy, warmth, and community to Swedish homes.


We are passionate about helping all our customers find exactly what they are looking for. As leaders in the wood-burning cooker market, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and are happy to share our experience. You are offered a 10-year warranty when purchasing a wood-burning stove or cooker from us.

svensk gjutjärnskamin

The world’s best wood-burning cookers

Building wood-burning cookers is a craftsmanship with a long tradition that we love to carry forward. At the same time, we are committed to developing both ourselves and our products to meet today’s demands for sustainability and innovation. Every day, we strive to create the world’s best wood-burning stoves, which bring magical moments to all heat lovers.

Welcome to the warmth of Josef Davidssons – your supplier of high-quality wood-burning stoves and cookers, spare parts, and accessories.

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