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Fireplaces with high efficiency

In modern and sustainable fireplaces, the fuel is burned efficiently for the highest possible efficiency. You can save both energy and money with a new wood-burning stove or cooker. A wood-burning stove can be filled with more wood than a cooker and often has slightly higher power.

Which wood-burning cooker stove or stove fits your home?

Wood-burning stoves and cookers are available in various materials, sizes, and designs. With or without ornaments, a beautiful wood-burning cooker in enameled sheet metal or cast iron becomes a lovely addition to a traditional kitchen and a stylish contrast to a modern kitchen. A cast iron stove or a stove with a cladding of soapstone becomes a warming and cozy detail in a living room in a year-round house, a summer cottage, or a hunting lodge. Think carefully about what fits best in your home before ordering a new stove or wood-burning cooker. It is an investment that will last a long time over several generations, so choose carefully.

Wood-burning stove or cooker for increased coziness

A modern fireplace is an efficient heat source that can help lower the house’s heating costs while becoming an excellent interior detail. It also increases the coziness factor in the room with its warmth and the crackling fire. A wood-burning stove or cooker simply makes the room feel inviting, safe, and cozy.

Wood-burning stoves at Josef Davidssons

A wood-fired cast iron stove is easy to use and perfect for any home. Cast iron is a sturdy and beautiful material with good heat retention that can help provide cheaper and more environmentally friendly heat. Oden 6300 convection is our latest model of cast iron stoves. Built of one hundred kilos of cast iron, Oden 6300 stores heat better than modern sheet metal stoves, reminding us of traditional charm.

A soapstone stove is also very energy efficient. Soapstone provides a pleasant, even, and dry heat that lasts long. Our soapstone stove Oden 6300 has a cladding of soapstone that can store heat for up to twelve hours. The stove has a timeless design that easily fits with different interior styles and a reliable function that makes it easy to care for and efficient.

Wood-burning cookers at Josef Davidssons

You get a cosy and comfortable home with a wood-burning cooker in the kitchen. By choosing a wood cooker, there is also the possibility of cooking on it, and by choosing a stove with a baking oven, you can also bake. It is fantastic to cook on a wood-burning cooker and hear the crackling sound from the fire. It also becomes delicious, and it is practical to be able to cook even during a power outage.

We offer approved wood-burning cookers in cast iron and sheet metal in both classic and modern designs. Our wood-burning stoves and cookers meet the required environmental standards that will last for many generations. We offer several models in different sizes for those of you looking for a wood-burning cooker with an oven. Viking 60, for example, is an enameled sheet metal stove equipped with a baking oven and modern combustion technology.

Other popular wood stoves are:

  • Smålandsspisen 28 – a smaller wood stove with beautiful ornaments
  • Viking 30 – Sweden’s most-sold narrow stove
  • JD Idun No 1 – a traditional wood stove with modern technology.

Check out our new additions JD 27 and JD 227, inspired by the old stoves of the 20s and 50s. If you are still determining which wood stove is best for you, you are welcome to read our guide, which will help you on your way.

By taking care of your wood-burning cooker regularly, you ensure it lasts longer. Order everything you need for your wood-burning cooker from Josef Davidssons, such as hot air grilles, floor protectors, and refractory clay and stone. Suppose you have an old cast iron wood cooker at home from, for example, Husqvarna, Ankarsrum, Näveqvarn, and Bolinder. In that case, it may be necessary to replace parts for it to function correctly. That’s why we also offer a wide range of spare parts for your stove.

A new, modern, and energy-efficient fireplace is a smart investment that spreads warmth and increases coziness. Welcome to explore our range of sustainable, high-quality wood-burning stoves and cookers. Remember to check out our fireplace accessories as well.