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Spare parts for most wood burning cookers

If your wood burning cooker is an older model, it is perhaps no longer available, and it may therefore be difficult to find the right parts. At Josef Davidssons, we offer spare parts for most brands, including Husqvarna, Norrahammar, Näveqvarn, Skoglund Olsson, and Ankarsrum.

At the top of the page, you can select your brand of wood burning cooker to find available spare parts. Then, simply place an order in our online store.

Some parts need to be replaced more frequently

It is common for older stoves not to work at full effect, but most of the time it is relatively easy to fix the problem. Solutions may include replacing rusty parts, changing the clay over the stove roof, or buying a new firebox cast iron liner and grate.

You should pay extra attention to certain parts of your wood burning cooker including the firebox cast iron liners, both on the tank side and oven side, and the grates. They are fitted inside the stove and receive a lot of wear and tear.

The oven-side firebox cast iron liner is fitted close to the oven to protect it. The tank-side firebox cast iron liner sits opposite and is fitted to protect the outside. The grate is where you place the firewood and separates the wood from the ash. The clay on the stove roof is also important to ensure the stove has a long life and prevents it from being damaged through usage.

Upgrade your old wood burning cooker with new spare parts

Today, Josef Davidssons sell modern stoves with soapstone fitted over the baking oven to provide extra protection. The older wood burning cookers only have clay, which may need to be replaced after a couple of years. Don’t worry, it is easy to replace the clay yourself using fire clay for masonry.

The clay should be applied in a 10-15 mm thick layer. It’s not an exact science, but try to ensure the clay covers the entire roof in a fairly even layer. Allow the clay to dry for at least 3 days before you use the stove. To speed up the drying process, place tea-lights inside the stove.

Order spare parts for your old wood burning cooker

With spare parts for your wood burning cooker or wood burning stove, you can enjoy cozy, warm evenings for many years to come. All your stove needs is a little bit of your time, love, and care. Whether you need a new firebox cast iron liner, replace the fire clay, or install a new grate, we have the spare parts you need!