Complaints should be directed to the company where you made the purchase.

If you purchased the item directly from Josef Davidssons AB, you can make your complaint using the form below. If you purchased the item from a retailer, you should contact them instead.

The complaint is made via the form below.

For visible damage or missing items, the complaint must be made immediately upon receipt of the goods.

Write down what is missing or damaged on the shipping note. The notation must also be made on the carrier’s copy of the shipping note. For hidden damage that is not visible on the outside of the shipment, the complaint must be made to us no later than 5 days after receipt. Any compensation for damage to goods or packaging that was not noted on the shipping note may not be granted.

If the complaint concerns a wood stove or fireplace, the product’s serial number must be provided. See the label attached to the product or in the brochure material that comes with it.

Fill out the form to make a complaint.

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