The finesse of cooking on a wood-burning cooker

When you cook on a wood-burning cooker, you combine utility with pleasure. Standing by the stove and hearing the crackling sound as the food is cooked is pure relaxation. The crackling fire warms both heart and soul. And is there anything better than the smell of pancakes being cooked on a wood-burning cooker?

Many advantages of cooking on a wood stove cooker

Many people don’t consider cooking on a wood stove cooker. It gives you a more authentic and natural experience when you cook your favorite dishes. You may prefer a narrow cast iron stove if you have a smaller kitchen. It is narrower than a regular wood-burning cooker and takes up less space.

Regardless of the wood stove cooker choice, cooking over the fire is calming. Especially when you come home on an autumn evening, light the fire and quickly warm up from the wood stove cooker. Take out your ingredients, unwind, and cook tonight’s dinner on your wood-burning cooker. At the same time, as the wood stove cooker spreads warmth and homeliness, the dinner is ready. Only the sound of your crackling fire calms the soul. It makes us think back to a simpler time when the fire was the gathering point, and the fire kept us alive.

laga mat på vedspis

What would you do if there was a power outage?

We live in a vulnerable society where electricity is a luxury that can, unfortunately, be knocked out. Therefore, it’s important to have good crisis preparedness. The wood-burning cooker is a real treasure in the event of a power outage.

Berit is one of those who knows that it works fine to cook on a wood-burning cooker. She was without electricity during a storm that lasted for several days. The wood-burning cooker, which is an inheritance from her husband’s parents, was then put to great use. It turned out that cooking on the wood stove cooker went smoother than Berit had imagined.

She experimented with getting the right temperature by moving the pan over the iron heel. She quickly noticed that the right corner had the lowest temperature and the stove was hottest above the fire. Berit cooked everything from pancakes to meatballs on the stove. She invited neighbors to dinner several times, and even the dinner guests were satisfied with the dishes. They commented several times that the wood stove cooker added extra flavor to the food and that their home was cozy.

Food that is suitable to cook on a wood-burning cooker

You can use the wood stove cooker for most recipes, but some dishes and pastries are especially delicious. For example, pizza, homemade meatballs, or blueberry pie. Or why not a rice pudding that has been simmering all Christmas Eve morning?


When cooking on your wood-burning cooker, we recommend using cast iron pans for the best results. As with all cooking, it is also important to have a fire blanket and fire extinguisher close at hand in the kitchen for good fire safety.

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