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Boiler grates for all types of stoves

A grate is the grill that sits inside the stove. The grate has two tasks; it ensures that air comes in to the wood from below, and helps to separate the wood from the ash so that the fire is easier to handle.

Since grates wear out rather quickly, they are the part of your wood stove or fireplace that you often need to replace. In our range, we have both grates for specific wood stoves and universal models that fit many different types of stoves. Our grates are made of cast iron, which provides a good combination of durability, heat resistance, and price. Replace your grate in good time so that you always have a fully functional grate in your stove.

Keep the fire alive with a boiler grate

By placing the logs on the boiler grate, the fire gets a good airflow. Air can then circulate from below and create good combustion. It also allows the ash to fall down from the logs, making it easier to remove the wood that has not burned. It is then easy to remove the remaining ash and throw it in your ash bucket. A good boiler grate simply makes the handling of your stove smoother.