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Take care of your wood-burning cooker or stove with the right accessories

When you buy a stove, you create a cozy environment for the whole family. To get the greatest benefit from your stove, we have several smart accessories for wood-burning cookers, wood-burning stoves and tiled stoves to make things easier and more enjoyable.

We know that the flames have a calming effect. It is important to keep the glass free of soot and debris that prevents you from seeing your lovely fire. With the help of our dry-wiper glass cleaner, you can clean all the glass without using liquids and suffering from smudges and smears. By omitting liquid and using the dry-wipe instead, you eliminate any risk of loosening the seal in the glass door.

Did you spill liquid on the seal so that it came off anyway? Don’t worry. We have a vast range of sealing strips in fiberglass wire that can withstand high temperatures. Using the textile bands with tape, you can easily replace the band around the glass if it starts to loosen.

Use fire clay to keep your stove in good condition and ensure an even temperature distribution. Fire clay prevents the stove from cracking when the fire burns intensely and ensures that the heat does not rise and fall too quickly. If you need something other than ordinary mortar that can withstand higher temperatures, we also offer refractory mortar for grouting open fires, wood-burning stoves and tiled stoves.

Accessories for your wood-burning cooker to ensure you enjoy every moment

To enjoy your stove fully, It is important that the fire burns well for a long time. With the right accessories for wood-burning cookers and wood-burning stoves, you can gather your firewood and effortlessly start a lovely fire without smoke entering your home.

We have, for example, a large selection of sturdy firewood buckets and baskets to help you easily collect firewood and have a dry supply close at hand. It is a practical accessory and a nice decorative feature to place beside your wood-burning cooker.

Accessories for all your needs

At Josef Davidssons, we offer a large range of accessories for your tiled stove, wood-burning stove or your wood-burning cooker. Here, you can find all you need to enjoy quality time in front of your fire, from soapstone, hobs, and oven doors, to floor protectors and much more. Simply place your order in our online store! We offer fast delivery and easy payment with Klarna.